Thursday, May 23, 2013

Leading Wisconsin Business Success: The Right Trashes Her

The Epic job-creator. And from Madison. Destroy her!


Anonymous said...

Interestingly, one of the links Malkin provides sheds a bit of light on the birth of the medical records industry:

"The medical records industry did not have much of a presence in Washington before President Bush highlighted it in 2004. Then in November that year, the industry created its first association, HIMSS, which includes health care providers, corporations and not-for-profit organizations, to make the case for electronic records. Its founding members included Allscripts, Cerner and Epic.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I'll bet she has granite countertops. RELEASE THE TWITCHY FLYING MONKEYS!!

Joe R said...

Shouldn't the job creators in the Legislature, WEDC, and the Governor's Office rush to Judy Faulkner's defense? Epic employs more than 6,000 people, and numerous Epic-related spinoffs have formed in Madison recently. What would Scott Walker's numbers be without her? Robin Vos and company should be outraged!

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Well said about Judy. Lets also add in fellow Dem Deb Carey at New Glarus Brewing, who just celebrated their 20th anniversary, and the biggest craft brewers in Wisconsin are expanding production AGAIN.

Needless to say, Epic and New Glarus aren't part if the old lazy (white) boys club known as WMC.