Tuesday, May 28, 2013

In Milwaukee, Walker Praises Himself, Overlooks His Amtrak Neglect

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn got under our Governor's skin  - - and who knew the busy presidential fund-raising Walker was in town, let alone in Wisconsin? - - but it's too bad Walker didn't swing by the aging Amtrak arrival "shed" downtown that he consigned to disrepair by foolishly refusing federal funding two years ago.

Michael Horne gave it his signature touch a few days ago:

Milwaukee’s ambitiously named “Milwaukee Intermodal Station” lands rail passengers inside a 1960′s shed that one would never confuse with the Gare du Nord. 
The state is under federal orders to improve the station to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act provisions, and former Governor Jim Doyle got $20 million to do so. Some preliminary engineering work — like punching holes in the train shed — was undertaken. 
But Gov. Scott Walker turned down the $20 million in federal funding (part of the $800+ million high speed rail grant) that was dedicated to meeting the federal requirements,...

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zombie rotten mcdonald said...

It'll be a matter of time before the neglect causes a train accident. Of course, the ALEC-sponsored governor will use such to claim that trains are inherently dangerous, and cut support further.