Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fresh Reasons For Wisconsin Job Losses

Gov. Walker never takes responsibility for the state's plunge on his watch to 44th in job growth, or for his failed 250,000 new jobs pledge.

But the Teflon Governor has been quick to blame Jim Doyle, recall protestors, the fiscal cliff, Obamacare, and even the data itself for our bringing up the rear in Great Lakes/Midwestern states' regional job creation.

Preventing us from taking off like a rocket!

So look to Workforce Development or the Governor himself to cite these factors - - if not now, then certainly when ugly May or subsequent numbers are released:

*  Kids with lawnmowers. You know that mean layoffs at landscaping firms.

*  Neighborhood lemonade stands. I saw one the other day taking business from nearby fast-food joints.

*  All that rain.

*  School bake and book sales. They're killing the malls.

Iowa's formidable je ne sais pas.

*  Yard sales. See school bake and book sales.

Minnesota's no-fair je ne sais quoi!

Cooler by the Lake. 

*  Indiana's mysterious Hoosierism.

*  Road construction congestion.  You can't easily get to restaurants, movies, live shows and other night spots around Milwaukee, so just stay in, cook a meal, and download a movie or Netflix programming. Oh, wait - - wrong message, never mind.

*  All that snow.

*  Streetcars.

*  All that wind.

And, no doubt...

*  Hillary Clinton. 


Anonymous said...

You forgot extreme heat, high pollen counts, tornadoes, droughts, flooding, a Brewers winning streak or a Brewers losing streak.

James Rowen said...


The Milwaukee County Board.

Anonymous said...

He has to travel so much to fight off those union bosses. Yeah right.Where's Waldo.

Gareth said...

The international Vegan conspiracy.