Friday, May 24, 2013

GOP Launching Broad Legislative Bid To Grab Control Of WI Elections

Word is seeping out of the State Capitol that Jeff Stone, (R-Greendale) - - the leading Assembly backer of Voter ID legislation tied up in litigation - - will launch an unprecedented, much broader bill to restrict or manipulate registration procedures, absentee voting, recall standards, election schedules and other procedural elements to advantage GOP constituencies and candidates.

These people will stop at nothing until they rig the process and twist Wisconsin into the red column.

More later.

Early warning from One Wisconsin Now.


Anonymous said...

Putting more constraints on public schools to hold referendums.

JB said...

I caught that last gem, too -- prohibiting school boards from spending property tax or school aid money to publish or disseminate information related to a referendum to exceed the revenue limit.

Time to rev up the oven for more bake sales.

Anonymous said...

"Because they can"...and the majority of the voters elected Walker twice in one term to do so.

Keep your eyes on the IRS's heavy handed operations. My sixth sense says the blue fisters at the IRS were given the green light. I've yet to hear the names of the "low level rogue employees". That excuse is similar to a Benghazi type talking point. A special federal prosecutor must be appointed to get to the bottom of this assault on the First Amendment.

Federal Government needs an Act 10 bill passed when conservatives control the legislative and executive branches. No hidden agenda needed.

Even the Democrats are angry over the assault on the constitution and must realize the only way out is to get to the truth, even it it means losing the next election. Their own party is covering up the attack on the United States Constitution.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Is this satire or 262-style idiocy? I truly can't tell- which explains just how far down the rabbit hole WisGOP has gone

Anonymous said...

Oh, the hell with the private sector unions.

Bill Clinton was right when he said he had no use for unions. And there won't be anything stopping Hillary from becoming the next POTUS.

They can't crush the powerful government unions and we control legislators purse strings. We'll get what we want by whatever means possible. We've proven that.