Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wisconsin Not Among Wind Power Leaders

When it comes to cleaner energy generation and the good jobs that comes with it, neighboring Iowa and Minnesota are among the leaders:
Iowa ranked first in the percentage of electricity that came from wind power, with 24.5%. South Dakota was second, with 23.9% generation from wind energy, followed by North Dakota (14.7%), Minnesota (14.3%), Kansas (11.4%), Colorado (11.3%), Idaho (11.3%), Oklahoma (10.5%) and Oregon (10.0%).

According to AWEA, wind energy now powers the equivalent of almost 15 million U.S. homes.

wind turbine in lake district

But Wisconsin is not among the leaders, as Scott Walker sent wind power investments and green jobs elsewhere.


It's all about picking winners and losers, and the Realtors needed serving.

To which Illinois said, "thank you:" 
Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s revival of the state's former "Escape to Wisconsin" slogan to invite businesses to escape rising taxes in Illinois has led to some blowback from south of the border.

In response to Walker’s wind energy regulations proposed Jan. 11, the Illinois Wind Energy Association is inviting wind power developers to “Escape to Illinois. '

Walker’s proposed legislation would require wind turbines to be constructed with a 1,800-foot setback from neighboring property lines, a mandate IWEA’s executive director Kevin Borgia said “would effectively ban wind development from the Badger State,” in a press release.

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