Thursday, March 21, 2013

GOP's Desperate Rebranding Reminds Us Of Another

Reince Priebus wants a re-branded GOP, with better messages and messengers, but without fundamental change in policy, re-branding looks superficial, ineffective and downright grasping.

Priebus' project reminds me of another rebranding that came and went.

Some years ago the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission - -  SEWRPC - - chased after and shelved a rebranding that would have changed the name to...the Regional Planning Commission of Southeastern Wisconsin.

And it was the product of a $73,000 taxpayer-paid contract, as blogger Gretchen Schuldt had discovered.

The incomparably-dogged Schuldt even posted images of the proposed re-branded logo and barely-changed agency name.

Proof that basic change entails more than lipstick and fresh packaging.

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