Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chief Justice Roberts Needs Advice From Chief Justice Roberts

I heard audio clips Wednesday of US Supreme Court Justice John Roberts questioning a female attorney during the Defense of Marriage Act argument about the effect of lobbyists on changing public opinion about gay rights - - some references here - - and his question at least suggested there was something troubling about such organized efforts to sway mass consciousness and influence the courts on gay rights issues.

What" No support for free speech for lobbyists on behalf of gay and lesbian interests and organizations?

If, in fact, such paid efforts had been made and were continuing to change public opinion, why would that be different than the door to such efforts Roberts flung wide open for political campaigns and their financing - - see Citizens United - - designed to sway voters, advance agendas and influence public opinion?

Perhaps the Chief Justice Roberts who appears to be uneasy about the possible  impact of paid lobbying on behalf of gay rights should ask the Chief Justice Roberts who ruled in favor of unchained free speech for moneyed interests in campaigns - - a form of lobbying, if you will - - so the two Roberts' can be more consistent?


zombie rotten mcdonald said...

The Roberts court will be noted for how willing they are to fit the facts to their preferred outcomes.

Anonymous said...

Right wingers have no hypocrisy genes.

They can't "hear" their own stupidity even as they mouth the words.