Saturday, March 23, 2013

Remember, It's Not The Gun That's At Fault...

It's the teen brother, or the four-year old.

Or the father of a 10-month-old.


Anonymous said...

In the cases of whatever teen brother, or father, no indeed, it is NOT the gun at fault. I mean, really? a hunk of metal has morality? compassion? decision-making powers?
Both a father and a teen would know murder is wrong. They'd know stealing a cookie is wrong too - murder certainly.
In the case of a four year old, it is the parent/guardian/gun owner at fault.
If not,then our legal system needs 100% overhaul, because PEOPLE are not responsible for their actions. The objects they use to achieve their
desires are the guilty parties.
Because of your analysis here, we now have to re-write human evolution. And moral reasoning has to go something like this -
Early Man takes intellectual leap forward and uses Tool.
Tool makes man do bad things.
Tool stands trial of peers. Tool is found guilty,
Tool does hard time.
Prisons all resemble Warehouse Outlet Stores.

This is great news. I'm gonna go do something naughty. And I'm gonna feel zero guilt and expect no reprisals. I was just sitting there, when suddenly a Screwdriver, a Scissors and an Electrical Cord came sauntering up to me and MADE me do it. I plan to testify against all three of them in their trials. I'll probably need witness protection. Especially if the Toaster gets wind of it. You know how vindictive he is.
Honestly, this is getting tedious. Come up with something other than these studies in knee-jerk reaction and emotional hysteria. Men are supposed to be the rational ones. I have yet to see any deep thought in a post from you on the gun issue. Every post I've seen are the analytical equivalence of standing up on a kitchen chair and squealing at the sight of a mouse.
I used to be at least as anti-gun as you are. Possibly more so. My views changed, but not because of random squealing. It takes deep thought and compelling argument to change hearts and minds. Show me a post that makes me change back to a gun fearing pacifist again.

Until then, live in fear household implements and tools of all kinds, they cant be trusted and I hear they have mysterious powers over the Human Mind.

gnarlytrombone said...

Shorter anonymoustoxin: nuclear non-proliferation is misguided because it focuses on unconscious warheads.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

No, it's not the gun at fault.

But are you going to argue that the four year old IS?

The availability of the weapons in these case made the event thousands of times more likely to result in injury and death.

The easy availability of guns is certainly an exacerbating factor. And who makes guns so easily available?

The people, like you, who pathologically, sociopathically, misanthropically and irrationally argue that firearms are Holy and must not be subject to any controls whatsoever, a stance that appalls every other civilized country.

So, Nonny, share in the glory! what is the death toll since Newtown, now? 3000? Share the blood.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I used to be at least as anti-gun as you are. Possibly more so.

I love Yoosta Bee arguments. They're so truthy.