Friday, March 8, 2013

Mining Bill Removes Any Doubt - - The State Is In Extremist Hands, And In Extremis

It began with Walker's imperious derailing of passenger rail, continued with Act 10, gathered speed with proposed expansion of voucher schools and refusal of Medicaid funding - - but the mining bill's decimation of environmental regulation to enable open pit iron ore mining at the Bad River clarifies that GOP extremists are fully in charge of Wisconsin state government and are willing to attack a native culture and the state's constitution for political and partisan hegemony.

I think we're entering a long period of crisis, and an even longer recovery.


Anonymous said...

Fire in the Hole! BOOOOOM! I never cared much for wild rice anyway and I hear the stuff from Bad River has e-coli in it.

kjbe said...

Though I was personally affected by Act 10, this mining bill truly makes me grieve for Wisconsin - her citizen's and natural resources this is going to harm. I just don't understand what these folks are thinking.

Anonymous said...

@3:38: shall we call you mosquito man?