Thursday, March 7, 2013

Walker, Legislature Deface Wisconsin

The hole that Scott Walker and the industry-subservient Legislature will blow into the state's relationship with its Bad River Band of citizens near Ashland, overall credibility, Lake Superior watersheds and civic sanity will expand from four-and-a-half miles to a full 22 miles, 1,000-feet deep and more than a half-mile wide, replacing this...

Bad River headwaters, by Pete Rasmussen

with this


Anonymous said...

Hey, how about switching that waaaay too small mine photo (from FINLAND ?!?) with some that are more representative of what will actually happen. Maybe something from Hibbing. Because the sand mines look worse than what you got there. The GTac hell-hole will be a lot worse.

James Rowen said...

Hey, how about sending me a photo I can use that is in the public domain and I will post it. Let's not get too focused on the literal, eh?