Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Health And Water Issues In Kewaunee County

Wisconsin corporate leader and former Milwaukee Sentinel business editor John Torinus suggests on his blog that GTAC mining and opponents to the open pit iron ore mine that new state legislation is enabling near Ashland should work together with regulators on collaborative environmental solutions.

He cites some productive examples, including "the corporate dairy farming industry."

I'm not trying to pick a fight with John. I am reader of his blog, have cited it previously - - one example, here - - and respect his writing publicly.

I note his reference to the dairy industry because in Kewanuee County, where these massive operations - - called CAFO's by some and animal factories by others - - are concentrated there is an active, clean water grassroots organization, Kewaunee CARES, that has identified a need for stronger DNR regulation and industry practices to stop the pollution of land and water resources through current manure disposal methods.

I have been remiss in staying up-to-date on water issues raised by big dairies - - an example from Rosendale, here - - but will pay more attention to what is going on in places like Kewaunee - - where there at least 15 such operations - - and Door Counties, too.


Anonymous said...

You mean there is a pending environmental disaster other than the iron mine? And sand mining and wetlands filling? And unfettered sighting of power lines?

James Rowen said...

Wisconsin's water and the vistas with it belong to everyone, says the Wisconsin Constitution.