Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Don't Forget That Wisc. Tribes Run Fish Hatcheries For Everyone

Native tribes have announced they may take an increased number of fish from inland lakes this year, limiting some daily catch limits off-reservation - - as is the tribes' right under long-standing treaties - - but sport anglers on those lakes need to remember that many of the fish available for Native and non-Natives alike originate in hatcheries run by the tribes for the common good.

Some basic information here, or video, here.


Anonymous said...

You can't remember what you never knew, or what you refuse to hear.
All most people will have in their heads is that "them damn Indians are makin' bank off them thar casinos"
Stepp sure doesn't have a "working together" or mutually respectful attitude. She approaches her "Indian Problem" with a knit brow (because you never know what Those People will do) and an air of pale disdain.

Anonymous said...

Studies indicate that europeans were in north america before the indians. All men must share equally the resources of this earth.
Greed is a sin.