Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Most US Rivers Polluted; Keep Bad River Off That List

The massive open-pit mine enabled by new state law at the headwaters of the Bad River in NW Wisconsin that could release sulphuric acid runoff could easily land it on the feds' list of rivers polluted with chemicals.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Does the name "Bad" in Bad River come from the smell that emits from the water due to the human sewage the tribe is putting in there?

Anonymous said...

If that mine starts up, acid pollution upstream of the tribe will drop the PH in their water, chew up their plumbing, and inflict them with an even tougher job keeping their wastewater plant in working order.

So it's pretty stupid to be usign that as an excuse to let the river be polluted with sulfuric acid.

But that's today's Republican party: so anti-science they fail even basic high school chemistry.