Friday, March 29, 2013

Like a Broken Record, Walker Evades Jobs Fail Responsibility

Another failing jobs report, more Walker finger-pointing.

Asked Thursday about new numbers showing Wisconsin lagging in job growth, Gov. Scott Walker pointed to the uncertainty he said business owners felt because of the political tumult that rocked Wisconsin early in his term.
That one's getting old and moldy.

Remember this from last May:
Walker blamed the state's employment woes on the recalls, saying employers are hesitant to add jobs during times of political uncertainty but that there would be a "dramatic turnaround" after June 5.

"There is a tremendous enthusiasm built up for additional jobs," he said. "I think you're going to see a tremendous takeoff."
He needs to look to his actions that took jobs, resources and synergy right out of the economy - - his scuttling of hundreds of millions of dollars in labor-intensive rail line construction and train manufacturing, stalling wind farm installations and slashing the take-home pay of and main street spending by tens of thousands of public employees.

Great analysis by a Milwaukee economist, here:
The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has repeatedly written that the state’s lack of job creation and weak economic and income growth is inexplicable. This report makes it clear that  Wisconsin's weak economic performance is the direct result of Walker’s austerity economics - - massive cuts in state aid to local governments, public schools, tech colleges and the UW system. It will be interesting to see if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that the economic mystery of Wisconsin’s subpar economic growth has been solved.  
This is hardly the way to build credibility for an unintimidated run for national office - - though it would be interesting to see the results of national economics writers spending time here and picking apart Walker's disastrous flirtation with Grover Norquist's ruinous, anti-government governance.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

"Here in Wisconsin, we don't make excuses." -Scott Walker, "State of the State address", 2 months ago.

Proving once again that the real GOP motto is "Our rules don't apply to us."

Anonymous said...

It's also significant that Walker has taught workers that he won't honor agreements (did not bargain when collective bargaining was law and still does not bargain now that bargaining is almost eliminated), taught businesses like Talgo that he will break contracts and taught the tribes that he won't acknowledge their lawful status as sovereign nations. His policies have hurt our economy and so has the fact that under Walker, WIsconsin is not a trustworthy partner to do business with.

Anonymous said...

as usuasl -- you either don't get it or are just playing your role as the "blue" soldier in the "purple"t s propaganda machine.

What scott walker says is irrelevant -- the only thing that matters is the way the media echo-chamber casts the disinformation across the state.

If the public does not understand these issues, it is not because scott walker is a liar -- its because the media that you prop up and refuse to call goes unchallenged.

Your role in the propaganda increasingly becomes clear -- the "blue" brand in the right wing noise machine. You come across as a fool to those that follow the issue becuase you are not actually informing anyone and you are shielding the mighty-wurlitzer from scrutiny.

And in the process, shamelessly promoting yourself.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute government job supporters.

If private sector jobs don't materialize, how's your paycheck, early retirement benefits, and generous pension plan getting funded?

Perhaps the next step should be to reduce the size of government rather than the Walker approach? Is that what the recall effort will lead to? It's that or eliminating social benefits and giving one way bus passes to Obama country.

James Rowen said...

To the repetitive Anon. 11:47 a.m. - - Yes - - my unpaid occasional postings at Purple Wisconsin - - which have included criticisms of projects and personalities the paper supports, such as freeway expansion, the iron mine and Scott Walker - - controls the level of public knowledge in the state and exceeds Scott Walker's importance.

My secret's out.

Anonymous said...

Walker says,"I think (sic) can relate to the fact (that) uncertainty is one of the biggest challenges for employers big or small or anywhere in between. There was a lot of uncertainty.".
This is our gov. who has never worked in the private sector, some how relating to employers, Hendricks, Kohler, Menard et al. Ideological warriors expressing pet theories. Most smaller employers in WI, if they're smart know disposable income of their customers is more important than their marginal tax rates.
Walker presumes he can control certainty-uncertainty is the rule not the exception, but how would Walker know?