Sunday, March 10, 2013

On The Mining Bill, Where The Middle Is A Muddle

I put the Journal Sentinel's Sunday middle-ground mining editorial into context on the paper's Purple Wisconsin site, and add my own take from this blog site on what Walker will not say tomorrow afternoon when he signs at appearances in Rhinelander and Milwaukee mining equipment makers the contemptuously bad, destructive and self-destructing mining bill.


Anonymous said...

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - a day late, and a dollar short as usual. The paper did a very poor job of reporting the facts (and thereby informing the public) in advance of the vote.

Anonymous said...

When I read that JS bit early this morning my basic impression was that the whole thing boiled down to a "boys-will-be-boys" kind of message. Tolerant, chuckling with fake exasperation, while also beaming with pride. Like my old neighbor, who would sternly tell her daughter "don't hit" but then without missing a beat respond to the exact behavior (worse really) coming from the son with a chuckle and "oh he just wants attention", then go on to tell me how lucky I was that I had all girls, because boys were no end of tiring and just I had no idea *sigh, gasp*. Like that.
The JS seems to be saying Yes indeed! we realize the jobs thing is probably a sham, yes this has caused angst and division and drained resources for likely no foreseeable purpose, and that's only going to multiply a thousandfold in the future (yes let's get this process started! what a great use of everyone's time and money! all the lawyers will be makin' bank !!! hahahaha), but we here at the JS understand and even applaud the Republicans emotional need to flex their majority muscle and stuff a few heads into a few toilets, just because they can. So okay boys, you had some fun, now hit the showers and get busy on that homework.
Really gross, JS, really gross. So is that really "middle ground"? or more like passive-aggressive admiration.

Anonymous said...


It's carrying water for bullies in charge. Plain and simple.