Monday, March 18, 2013

Inclusive GOP? Senators Go After Obama's Top Hispanic Nominee

It only took a few hours Monday for Republicans to shelve Reince Priebus' call for party inclusion by attacking President Obama's nomination of government civil rights attorney Thomas Perez as Secretary of Labor:

President Obama announced Monday that he would nominate Thomas E. Perez, who heads the Civil Rights Division at the Justice Department, to be the next secretary of labor, a choice that promised to provoke a debate with Republicans about voting rights, immigration and discrimination. 


Anonymous said...

Who in the GOP brought up his race?

Isn't it relevant to question him after the oig released a scathing report of the civil rights division at doj? But wait, there's a law that says no non-whites or democrats are racists, and any legitimate criticism of a minority individual is now racism.

JB said...

The "scathing report" was about the civil rights division before Mr. Perez's tenure, Anonymous. That suggests the questioning is less about the report and more about something else -- although I suspect it is less about Mr. Perez's race and more about his support for -- gasp! -- labor rights.