Friday, March 8, 2013

Why Walker Is Signing Mining Bill Far From The Penokees

I'd posted the other day that PR types in Walker's office and elsewhere would recommend he sign the mining bill creating open-pit desecration of Northern Wisconsin water-rich land far from the scene of the crime.

Today we learn there are to be two signings Monday far from the Penokees - - in Milwaukee, a seven-hour drive from the mining site, but close to where a Caterpillar mining equipment firm official had recently had doubted the bill will create Milwaukee jobs might be singing a new tune - - and in Rhinelander. 

As best as I can 'determine,' a signing is in Rhinelander because the name of the City contains the word "land."

Or maybe Walker will suggest that paper workers there being thrown out of work by a New York hedge fund taking over and shutting down the mills can move to Ashland and land a mining job in five-to-ten years. Maybe.

Details, here.

Update: the Milwaukee signing is at P&H, a Joy Global unit, not at Caterpillar.


Anonymous said...

ridiculous -- you are the first to jump on other news sources for making errors, especially in headlines. And you missed a major fact here...

But what you always miss and actually refuse to allow posted here on many many occasions, are reasonable comments pointing out how it is Wisconsin's noooooze echo-chamber that created scott walker in the first place.

More than walker and the legislature -- the nooooze media in Wisconsin has enabled this radical economic and now environmental terrorism.

But you are OK with that...

And this is actually why you have all the content for your blog.

Anonymous said...

There will be no mining equipment mde at Joy Global or CATEPILLAR to use in this mine.

James Rowen said...

I missed no fact. Your unsigned comments are posted often, though are on-note, repetitive.

NoNoozeisGoodNooze said...

Everyone who comments using "Anonymous" is NOT the same person you know....For example, I am irritating but not so mentally mundane that I would never say "noooooooze". Even Sarah Palin would not say "nooooze". Well maybe she would, so what does that tell ya. Not to put too fine a point on it, every word of that Nooooze Anon drips mental deficiency. Anyways, this moniker problem creates a personal crisis for me. Anonymous up there brings shame to the name down here. This aggression will not stand, man. On the other hand, I have no desire to sign in anyplace and have my remarks and web habits tracked by Zuckerberg, Google, or even Disqus.
btw Bloomberg reported last month on Facebooks' plans for always-on GPS location tracking, no opt-out, added to friend tracking and location-based ads, ostensibly you can not remove the crap app from your phone once it's on because you have "implied consent" to whatever Facebook does the first time you sign up.....just no thanks.

and p.s. who gives a flying fig where Walker signs this bill. What other Governor has made such a damn histrionic production of his bill-signing roadshow? Let's not even care where.
p.p.s. Many and very sincere thanks to the elected Democrats who made such personal effort to fight this mining bill. Several of them really put heart and soul and intellect into it. Those people made an effort that can only be described as Valiant.
Remember, Atticus Finch lost his case too, but people still stood with respect when he passed from the room. Great scene, go watch it.
"noooooze" omg

Anonymous said...

Walker is signing the bill in Rhinelander because it has the closest decent airport. The mining ban in the state of Wisconsin will then be over and the mineral exploration will begin immediately. The liberals will repeat their lies and pound their drums but the mining operations will not be judged on popular opinion, but on the law and as long as the mining company follows that law and protects the environment, they will continue to operate.

The battle that is brewing is that over treaty rights issues and the Walker administration is eager and willing to tear into this with the same energy and expertise. By the time this is over there will no longer be a privileged class of people with special rights above those of the rest of us. When the public learns the truth and sees the abuses and harm that the current interpretation of the treaty has resulted in they will be demanding that this be changed. Even some Madison liberals will not be able to defend their current misconceptions.

It’s shaping up to be a great show.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

So treaty rights regarding land management on land set aside for Native Americans are now "special rights"? But tax giveaways designated to one specific corporation and the overriding or DNR regulation is NOT special treatment.

Interesting. Please proceed suburb boy/ paid poster hack.

Steve Books said...

Hello. Steve Books, Mount Horeb, WI
So, mining in "God's Country" will be good for Wisconsin? I believe that we need to stop any new mines. There's no misconception, pure water is sacred. To destroy it is suicide. Do you hear that?

People will be stepping in front of bulldozers no matter if the mining tool is made in Wisconsin.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Everyone who comments using "Anonymous" is NOT the same person you know.

true, but there's no way to tell.

Betsey said...

Two signings approx 250 miles apart. And how will bill signers, background props, snotty little staffers and assorted coat-tailers and hangers-on be transported from one happy event to the next? What will be the cost? Who will pay?