Monday, March 25, 2013

Walker Grandiosity + Absurdity Alert

His life story? It'll be in the dollar bin real quick.


Scott Walker hires torture apologist to ghostwrite campaign book


Jake formerly of the LP said...

You just wonder where the point is when our state's lame-ass media finally says "OK, we've let this go on long enough," and pulls the plug on propping up this delusional fool.

And can it start YESTERDAY? On the bright side, my theory of him dropping out of the 2014 race makes more sense if he's going to write this absurd pile of BS, cause this is a Palinesque cash-in move.

Anonymous said...

Interesting Jake

Anonymous said...

"Of mice and mice."

Anonymous said...

wonder why he didn't get sykes to work on it with him.

A. Wag said...

Fitting. Walker's been torturing Wisconsin for years.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

Sykes can barely talk; I can't see him writing worth a crap.

On the other hand, these types of books typically are not printed beyond the first chapter; nobody reads beyond that, and it saves on printing costs.

Betsy said...

Of Mice and and Mice would be perfect. Maybe librarians can finally call out Mr. Walker and shelve him in 'Fiction'. Let's hope he's 'gone with the win' and out of here!

Anonymous said...

Dislike Walker and think the book will be a bomb but..don't forget that this is exactly what Obama did just before running for the Illinois State Senate in 1995. "Dreams of my Father" was republished in 2004. Three years later he ran for President. It was one way people learned about Obama. Walker of course won't have such an interesting story but the intent might be the same. He wants people to know his story (or at least the story as he fantasizes about it). Look for a quick publication - just in time for the primaries.

Gareth said...

Walker's book will be a best seller because the copies will be bought up in bulk by the Koch brothers and distributed through conservative groups as freebies. This is the same method that is routinely used to put Palin and other Republican troglodytes on the best seller lists.

Jake formerly of the LP said...

Right you are, Gareth. There's a whole Wingnut Welfare industry of book-buying, inflating the numbers of these piles of crap, and many of them are returned after they make the "Best Seller" list.

It's a lot like how they hire a bunch of commentators from out of state to go on the J-S forums and other places to make it look like Walker has a lot of "supporters" when in reality very few would admit in public to backing this bum.

Reagan's Disciple said...

It's a lot like how they hire a bunch of commentators from out of state to go on the J-S forums and other places to make it look like Walker has a lot of "supporters" when in reality very few would admit in public to backing this bum.

Yes, because two elections didn't prove he has support so he has to hire anonymous posters on JS online. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

Boxer said...

Watch the book for frequent references to Walker's "Eagle Scout" ** status. References to his degree from Marquette? Not so many.

**The award really says "Eagle Scott", but he failed to graduate college so he wasn't reading it correctly.

Reagan's Disciple said...


Are you saying that if someone doesn't graduate college they are not smart enough to read? They are not qualified to be governor? Or both?

Do you really feel you are that superior compared to someone without a college degree? Or, are you angry that someone can actually become successful without one? It seems as though you are kind of obsessed about his lack of degree from Marquette and feel a need to belittle him because of it.


Boxer said...

Are you saying you believe his award really has "Eagle Scott" engraved on it?
Do you really think a person could be admitted to college without being able to read? Or even graduate from high school (in Wisconsin, at least) without literacy?
Do you really feel that every post is a serious comment, without sarcasm, irony, wit or humor?
I'm beginning to understand why you don't seem to "get" much of what is posted or commented on in this blog, and it has nothing to do with your college education (or lack thereof) or mental ability: you seemingly lack an ability to discern when you're being fooled with. You're sans sense of humor.

Life can be pretty funny, ironic and sometimes downright hilarious if you pull your head out of your ass long enough to take a good look around.