Sunday, March 31, 2013

Saturday's Walker/Rail/Jobs Posting Will Be Updated All Weekend

I'll be adding data and links to this effort to memorialize the loss of jobs and business as Walker killed passenger rail manufacturing in Milwaukee, and an Amtrak extension to Madison as part of Midwest High-Speed Rail service expanding throughout the region.

Procurement for which is now headquartered in Illinois - - another job center killed in Wisconsin.

I'll also repost the updated version Monday.


Anonymous said...

Updated all weekend?!?!?!


You mean since you gave the mainstream media a free pass on every aspect of walker's agenda for the entire 2 year cycle, now you are going to grab some pageviews pretending to be the "expert" that knows all?

shameful, really, you are part of the noise machine and no amount of grandstanding that you are the "blue" in journal communications propaganda purple project changes that.

You must think progressives are really dumb.

James Rowen said...

Again, you are right. I've given Walker a pass during his term and the 2,201 posts on this blog generally excoriating him aren't really there.