Thursday, April 7, 2011

Facing Probable Recall, Darling Recalls Her Moderate Days Of Yesteryear

For the second time in a week, State Sen. Alberta Darling, (R-River Hills), has dusted off her "Political Moderate" credentials with support for a seniors' drug prescription plan that Scott Walker wants to scrap.

I reported a week ago that Darling, along with fellow probable Republican State Senate recallee Randy Hopper, had issued a joint news release backing the preservation of the plan.

But it's all a game and here's how it's played:

Politicians under pressure go to the party leadership - - because a tough vote is coming, or in this case, a costly, nettlesome and potentially fatal recall election is looming - - and beg for a dispensation.

'Cut me a break here,' goes the plea. Or 'you don't really need my vote on this one.'

More often than not, the besieged politician gets the hall pass they need- - and being a veteran, party loyalist helps position the favor-seeker.

On this one, Darling can take a baby-step back towards the center - - on about as safe an issue as you could find: getting seniors access to affordable, live-saving, life-extending pills so they don't have to choose between medication and groceries.

Plus, Darling gets to look reasonable and compassionate, and her campaign people can busy scheduling the photo ops.

I can guarantee you will see Darling in a TV commercial with smiling, kindly, grateful elderly praising her for trying to save the program- - even if, six months down the road, there isn't a state budget yet, or a budget with the program retained.

But it's too little too late for the Senator from River Hills.

Darling voted for the union-busting bill, and as the Walker-approved Senate Republican co-chair of the budget-writing Joint Committee on Finance, Darling will vote for, lobby for and fight for hundreds of cuts by Walker to popular programs that will penalize working families and lower-income Wisconsinites.

One staged burst of interest in a politically-safe program totally devoid of controversy will not be enough to remake her image as a "compassionate conservative" and keep the Recall Wolf from her door.


Kristopher Rowe said...

We said my friend. Well said.

Anonymous said...

I heard -- from a neighbor with a family member working at a nursing home -- that Darling and/or her spouse have ownership in nursing homes. That would be a significant personal incentive for this alleged political "moderation." Anyone know if this is so?

Betsey said...

She can lunch, but she cannot hide.

Roger The Admiral said...

Ahhh, such sore losers! My, my, my...Frankly, you can post this or not; I really do not care. But you have a care, Liberals.

You see, the tank is drying up. Do you just wish to stay in denial? That it? Eh?

Just one of you libs lay out THE PROGRAM to close the 2011-2013 $3.6 Billion shortfall in the biennial budget coming up and in your face NOW. Cat got your tongues? Eh?

Think everything is going to be just allright and you can just keep milking the taxpayors as in the past 50 years of your grand liberal tradition? Eh?

Do yourselves a big favor, libs: review the budget, the fiscal issues, and the monetary items, and tell me that business as usual will be just fine.

Well, do it. And stop with the whining, complaining, carping, and denying. Stop screwing the taxpayers. Grow up. Live with the new situation.