Thursday, April 21, 2011

Milwaukee Group Denies Connection To Municipal Takeover Planning

Julia Taylor, the Executive Director of he Greater Milwaukee Committee has issued a statement denying any GMC involvement in efforts to create a Wisconsin law similar to a controversial new law in Michigan that gives that state the power to seize control of a local government in a fiscal crisis.

There is more information in an email from The Make it Your (MY) Milwaukee County Initiative.

Some background here.


Anonymous said...


Whoever reads beyond sentence number two

"The Greater Milwaukee Committee has supported the development of a fiscal stress test for Wisconsin municipalities."*

for other than "academic reasons" and believes whatever it says (I dunno cuz I stopped reading at sentence 2) needs a big ol' committee to administer Intellectual Competency Tests to them immediately. Do they think we're that dumb? Oh yeah they sure do.

*translation of Sentence Two for pplz who really ARE that dumb-
"We here at The GMC are in it to win it. Drop yer shorts and bend over."

CC said...

Incredible post (and links). Honestly, how can any Wisconsinites truly trust what the pro-business groups and legislators are saying?

Anonymous said...

Julia Taylor has proved to be a tremendous disappointment, with a good reputation ruined by ambition.