Monday, April 25, 2011

Could Justice Michael Gableman Impartially Review A Prosser-Related Recount Challenge?

An amazing video and remarks by a sitting State Supreme Court Justice on the campaign trail for his colleague, David Prosser.

Some highlights:

His repeated attacks on Prosser opponent JoAnne Kloppenburg - - a career civil service prosecutor who has served under Attorneys General of both parties - - as a partisan, though Prosser had been: staff to a Republican member of Congress (Harold Froehlich; elected as a Republican to serve as District Attorney of Outagamie County; servec as the long-term Republican state legislator representing Appleton; elected a Republican Assembly leader; appointed by Republican Gov. Tommy Thompson to a state tax appeals commission position and as a Justice to the State Supreme Court.

His worrying out loud about "reports" that Jesse Jackson was leading North side Milwaukee marches and that Illinois license plates have been spotted?

The image he offers of "dark-robed masters" on the Court should there be a new 4-3 liberal majority? How are the current Justices dressed? In running suits?

His warning to the audience that a Court with Kloppenburg could block initiatives by Scott Walker and the current legislature - - along with initiatives from other Governors or legislatures.


Reagan's Disciple said...

Gableman will recuse himself at the same time Bradley and Abrahamson do the same.

They won't do it and nor should he.

Mitch said...

Is it really permissible, under the rules of judicial conduct, for a sitting judge to make a campaign speech like this?

What would Prosser supporters say if Shirley Abrahamson, for example, made a speech like this for Kloppenburg?

Boxer said...

Mitch, but she didn't--and that's the point.