Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wisconsin To Open Wider For Alcohol Abuses

We're already #1 in drunken driving and other alcohol-related abuses: a proposal by a legislative knucklehead makes it likely we'll keep the title.

Do we really need package sales at 6:00 a.m.?

8:00 a.m. is not early enough?


Anonymous said...

Then I have to assume that you agree with me that the Pat Kreitlow (Democrat) booze-in-grocery-store giveaway bill was wasteful, ridiculous and destructive as well? There's no way anyone can condemn the one and praise the other. Unless they want to prove themselves a partisan hack.
In fact I'd say The PK bill was actually dumber than this bill if you're at all cognizant of the mechanisms of alcohol addiction. But i'm not going to be holding a seminar on it here. No one would care and, when it comes right down to it, changing the WI alcohol culture would invovle a LOT of so-called "normal people" and get into their own attidues/habits. That is not going to happen. Just the Drinking Liberally cuteness that ppl are getting into, just too dumb, too ignorant.

It's easier to just have politicians rant about driving laws, and for reporters to print the obligatory "MAN CHARGED WITH 83rd OWI" headlines, and then we all just feel self-righteous contempt, demand to know how this person has "made it thru the courts" or whatever dumb remarks, and call it good.

Pat Kreitlow - Dumb-o-crat of The Year, and he wants to get back at it, but this time rather than in Madison, in Washington?
Duffy v. Kreitlow, another beautiful mistake.

James Rowen said...

I didn't write about her proposal, but I've criticized the legislature and Gov. Doyle for their weak OWI reforms - - - - and have written constantly on this blog about the state's love affair with alcohol. I began writing on this subject in the old Milwaukee Journal 25 years ago, so I think my track record is pretty good.