Friday, April 15, 2011

There's Really Only Question To Ask Kathy Nickolaus, Waukesha County Elections Czar

It's a variation of that commercial for Capitol One credit cards:

"What's in your personal computer?"

And the State Dems have a good idea for the Government Accountability Board - - expanding its probe into her office's reporting/counting/managing problems to the 2006 race for Attorney General, where there is a substantial error now acknowledged by Nickolaus, but only after a blogger caught it.


Anonymous said...

Who did you call on your cell phone from the start of election day to your news conference?

James Rowen said...

That's a good one, also.

Anonymous said...

Why is nobody asking about the missing Waukesha summary for the April 4, 2006 election?

If you click on that date at

it links to the April 3,2007 results.

The April 4, 2006 results are not on the website.

Reagan's Disciple said...

Tinfoil hats for sale... $5!