Sunday, April 24, 2011

Online Poll Shows Interest In Continued State Financial Support For Recycling

Another sign that the public wants the state to continue to support recycling by municipalities.

From the Journal Sentinel:

Should the state continue to provide money for municipal recycling programs?
Yes: 62%
No: 38%
Total Responses: 3727


Boxer said...

Where is the silent majority? The SM is the group that conveniently supports whatever legislative or political crap Alberta Darling and Scott Fitzgerald are pushing. So you could make up anything and say that this is what the SM thinks or feels. No one will step forward to say you're right or wrong about me because I'M TOTALLY SILENT!!!!

Almost like the 14000 City of Brookfield voters--but they were silenced, not silent.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is for what is perceived as being "free" money.

If people are for recycling, they will have absolutely no problem with their local unit of government paying the full tab.

What difference does it make if the funding comes thru at the state or local level?

And Boxer - wth are you talking about? I realize progressive logic can be hard to follow, but that makes no sense at all.