Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sarah Palin To Speak At Madison Tea Party Rally On Saturday

My interpretation? The Right's got data showing recall disinterest and needs to motivate its base.

Look for plenty of podium time for their embattled eight Senate recalless.


Anonymous said...

How much are they paying her to appear? This woman doesn't do anything out of the kindness of her heart.


Anonymous said...

since from the perspective of people like her, madison is a hotbed of marxism, she'll probably open with, "i can see russia from here."

Anonymous said...

I dont blog much, you see, I have a job, that is to say, I work for a living, that means, I pay taxes. Went to the last TEA party, it was great, glad it was on a weekend, you see, I have a job, a non-union job, always avoided unions, you see, I belive in and take great pride in doing my part, I am one of the 20%, if its even 20% anymore. Go Sarah

Anonymous said...

Econonmics 101
Action: Lower Taxes
Effect: Frees $ for buisiness to grow.
Action: to grow, need more employees.
Effect: More employees to pay = More taxes paid. Oh yea, the buisiness man might get rich along the way, and why not, he took the risk, you could to, if you had the jewels.