Wednesday, April 20, 2011

County Clerks In Wisconsin Can Be Removed Without A Recall Election

I had stated in a recent posting about Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus that "no one but the voters can fire her."

That is not correct, because in addition to recall and ouster by voters, there is this procedural route in Wisconsin State law, also:

17.09 Removal of elective county officers. Elective
county officers may be removed from office as follows: 
county clerk, county treasurer or surveyor, or a county supervisor,
by the county board, for cause, by a vote of two−thirds of all the
supervisors entitled to seats on such board.


Reagan's Disciple said...

and the cause is...

We are mad that Kloppenberg lost after looking like a fool and claiming she won.

I'm sure the Waukesha County Board will get right on that.

mimi torchia boothby watercolors said...

the sooner the better. Who are the people exactly that can do this? Hopefully not appointed walkerites

Max B said...

No, RD, the cause is that voters can no longer trust that she'll perform her job of delivering a fair and accurate election.

You ridiculously persist in your twisted view that this has anything to do with Kloppenberg. It does not. The statewide recount rquested today by Kloppenberg is about that--a RECOUNT.

The Nickolaus Scandal is about 14,000 votes that were "lost" and then "found" 2 days later, and NO ONE BUT HER KNEW ABOUT IT. She screwed up and then misled the public, the media, the candidates, and the GAB.

If we don't have honest and accurate elections, then we may as well give up and go to live under Mubarek, Kim Jong IL, or Quaddafi.

I salute you with my purple finger.

Anonymous said...

Max B, she did deliver a fair and accurate election. The GAB verified it. If the recount overturns the election result, we have no fair and accurate elections.

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous, the GAB only has verified Nickolaus' addition, after she finally had enough numbers in the column. Now, a real recount, if we have one, will determine whether each of the numbers in the column was correct.

Or, of course, whether the numbers in the column were somehow, some way, yet more victims to . . . her "human error"! Yeh, that's it.