Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Former TV Personality To Speak At West Bend "Recall Grothman" Rally Friday

Grothman Recall Post-Canvassing Celebration and Weekend Kick-Off Rally!

Friday, April 29 · 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Regner Park Centennial Shelter, West Bend
800 N. Main Street
Speakers include:

Gus Gnorski, Retired TV Personality
Senator Jon Erpenbach, The Wisconsin 14
Tanya Lohr, Teacher and Recall Advocate


Erik Gunn said...

Will Gus Gnorski become the Democrats' answer to Charlie Sykes?

Ron R said...

A public service announcement for those without real lives.

Anonymous said...

it's fitting that "mister fix-it" will be there.

CC said...

Just so you know, Fox 6 News told Gnorski he could have an ongoing segment during the news, or he could continue to speak up for workers' rights at rallies. He didn't choose Fox 6. Charlie Sykes NEVER had that kind of integrity. There are some comments and photos about the rally at

Anonymous said...

I think it is CLASSIC that the "Teacher In Cheeseland" will make up his own facts. Gus' departure was HEALTH related. See the article published in the Milwaukee Journal. Exerpt:("Gus has been and will always be a fixture" at the station, Chuck Steinmetz, president and general manager of WITI, said in an e-mail. Steinmetz said Gnorski "has earned the right to make his own call" if or when he returns.) YOUR lack of integrity shocks me.

Kevin said...

Gnorski was fired from Fox 6 because he is a liberal hack who couldn't shut up about the stupid unionized teacher goons and their collective bargaining.

We want to hear Gnorski talk about how to get our air ducts ready for winter, not his opinion on whatever the teachers are whining about today.