Thursday, April 21, 2011

Walker Under 50% In Recall Poll

Scott Walker must wonder where all his political capital went.

Hint: That political currency got torched in his pants-on-fire, budget-repair (sic) sneak attack on union bargaining rights.

And consumed in the falsehood that he had campaigned on the "modest proposal" - - a fib he finally copped to at a Capitol Hill hearing, when he was under oath. D'oh!

Pretty brassy behavior for a guy who didn't exactly get swept into office with a mandate. "Landslide Scott" he is not.

"Sliding Down A Slippery Slope Scott" - - more accurate.

Walker got elected with 52% of the vote in November and, by April, has managed to poll below 50% with a voter sample asked whether they'd support him in a recall election

Yeah, yeah...I know this is one poll, and it's early, and the margin is close (now there's the real important point), etc. etc. etc.

But let's just say authoritatively that Walker is not expanding his base.

If 52% is your maximum vote after millions spent by and for you, and you have energized the opposition as never before, your Magic 8-Ball keeps saying "Outlook not so good."

If the requisite number of recall signatures can be had, and a credible opponent steps forward, Walker will become collateral damage going back to the day he "dropped the bomb."

And that would be "truly progressive."

Some poll details from the Wisconsin Public Radio/St. Norbert College poll, and remember, Walker is the incumbent:

Fourty-eight percent would vote to keep Walker in office; fourty-seven percent would vote to remove him.

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