Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scott Walker, Ayn Rand, Bill Gardner - - Parallel Tracks?

Isn't there a government-suck up railroad executive in Atlas Shrugged, the Ayn Rand novel now made into a movie, finally, for conservatives, and playing now at a theater near you?

Sorta like this guy?

Maybe not a perfect comparison, but an interesting coincidence. What I read of Rand was decades ago, and, frankly, numbing.


Anonymous said...

Scott Walker, starring in "Wauwatosa Shrugged".


Anonymous said...

here's another interesting coincidence- guys nicknamed scooter can't tell the truth to federal officials. first libby, now walker.

CC said...

You steered me to the original criminal complaint, and I can't understand why Gardner's not getting hounded because of his 2005illegal campaign contribution to Walker (can you say, "Pattern of behavior?").

objectivist said...

I'd give Rand another chance: she's well worth it.