Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Bogey For Mary Lazich

There's straight-line left-brain thinking, there's deeply analytical, right-brain contemplation, and then there's the Mary Lazich method - - which sheds light on why there is a recall effort against her.

The State Senator Republican from New Berlin wants to undo a done deal to provide open space for hiking, fishing and hunting in rural Waukesha County by reopening some failed golf courses along the Mukwonago River that no one wants.

Says the Journal Sentinel editorial board:

Let's recap: The town doesn't want the golf courses, and golfers say they don't need them. And the failure of private ventures to make a success of the former resort would seem to back that up.
The state already has a better plan in place, one that preserves the Mukwonago River system and provides southeastern Wisconsin residents with a good-sized natural playground
Lazich wants a mulligan. She shouldn't get one. The state and the people of Mukwonago need a healthy Mukwonago River far more than they need more golf courses.
The willingness to stamp on home rule and local control that the Walker-era legislature has aimed at the City of Milwaukee (giving police and fire unions favored status, working to end residency) apparently now extends to the Town of Mukwonago - - if Mary Lazich has anything to say about it.

And this isn't the first time that Lazich has come into debates or landed in the news from the far-out fringes, as she:

*  Said the state's economic woes go back to the 22-cent-per-hour minimum wage begun in 1919.

*  Accused Milwaukee officials of "extortion" because they wanted the legal framework in the Great Lakes Compact approved before out-of-basin water sales could begin - - then cited non-existent sovereignty issues to stall the Great Lakes Compact though her home town of New Berlin was in line to be the first out-of-basin community to win water service from the City of Milwaukee.

*  Got mocked on the Stephen Colbert show for proposing that prank calls be made felonies. It was her response to Scott Walker's staff having put him on the line with the fake David Koch.

*  Attacked the Obama stimulus, then complained Wisconsin's share was too small.

Wants Indian names restored as high school logos and mascots.

Waukesha County and its entrenched GOP officials!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps it is time a more moderate Republican ran for her office. If Republican voters feel their only choice is a Democrat, who they would never vote for due to loyalty to their party, or a right-wing nut job, they either won't vote or they will hold their noses and vote for the radical Republican.

Anonymous said...

TOLD YOU PEOPLE YOU'LL NEVER GET HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

James Rowen said...

She and Grothman were always long shots.