Thursday, April 14, 2011

Identity Theft In DC; Walker The "Progressive"

Addressing a congressional hearing - - where all 14 Republicans are Koch brothers campaign recipients - -  Gov. Walker praises himself extensively for being "truly progressive."

Ha ha.

For years, the far-right has said the word "progressive" means "socialist," or worse.

Glenn Beck said it's a 100-year-old time bomb begun by the Progressive Party to ruin your life and take over America.

But today, Walker co-opted the term to throw a little rhetorical dart at Democrats and workers back home, where "progressive" means "liberal," and where The Progressive magazine and the Progressive Party were founded.

Ha ha.

The Walker people have decided that any time is the Right time to poke true progressives in the eye.

A recent example:

Waukesha County voting irregularities in the State Supreme Court race are laid at the doorstep of the secretive Republican County Clerk.

Her actions all but shred the GOP mantra in Wisconsin about "voter fraud" and broaden the discussion of just might constitute "voter fraud."

Investigations are underway and more are demanded.

Walker's response: unions will try and steal the election.

So kick the unions again.

And how to spin your budget story for a national audience?

Steal the opposition's identity, turn it upside down. High-fives in the speech-writing shop.

Ha ha.

I say, thank you, Mr. Walker, for helping keep the recall movements motivated.


JB said...

James, this is off-topic, but I wanted to bring it to your attention. With respect to the phosphorus rules, there's a lot of enabling for Georgia Pacific through the Walker/Prosser combination. ThinkProgress put it together:

It isn't entirely new news, but it certainly is of interest.

Clementine said...

I wonder if Walker is meaning progressive in the sense that his plan to take Wisconsin backwards is a progression of steps toward the goal of totalitarianism? Progressive = Regressive?

James Rowen said...

thanks. i added a Koch reference into this blog, also.

Anonymous said...

Is that JB as in The Chief Jb? wow I didn't know he was capable of being off topic. Well okay then, I'll screw with the natural order of things and be ON topic -

This (what you describe in this post) is
vergevaltegung des sprachgeistes

which means Rape of the Spirit of the Language, which the early Nazis used a lot and Hitler loved. But you CAN'T say these pplz are like Hitler. Ever!!!!
nope, no way are they at all like Hitler. Maybe an Intelligent Zit, but Adolf, no.

Anyways - it means when idiots screw common meaning around so that they are actually using words to mean the opposite of what they meant 5 minutes ago. it is very nihilist, very divisive, confuses common cultural shared realities and makes communication and unification of people much harder.
People who do that are very destructive persons, like psychopaths and stuff.
Or intelligent Zits,
Juuuuust not gonna let that one go...
also maybe that guy who wrote Animal Farm dealt with the concept too, not sure.. or 1984, yanno - crap like that :P

Anonymous said...

Is there a reason you have blocked my comments? Well, I guess I don't really care about the reason. While checking back on an older post to follow up on what other commentary/ideas might have been posted on that topic (something I don't normally do) I see that you have not allowed my comments thru moderation, and by Golly, they were not abusive to you in any way, in fact I had tried to be helpful with some I guess that's all I need to know.

James Rowen said...

Annie K? I am not sure which comments you are referring to. I am online sporadically the last few days, so may have been slow but don't recall anything you sent not getting posted.

nonquixote said...

Republicans have always cried "voter fraud," about the several actual cases ever found in WI. What we have with the election irregularities and a secretive Republican County Clerk would better be described as "election fraud." What might be the case here is not a one person, one vote kind of thing. It is possibly a one person, 14K vote thing.

James Rowen said...

To nonquixote; The State Dems have asked for a probe into a 2006 discrepancy in the AG's race. I'd throw in that 97.63% turnout in'04's presidential election.

I wonder if her personal computers' hard drives are still available?