Monday, August 3, 2020

Hunters keep releasing hounds into fatal wolf encounters; WDNR compensation available

Hounds are again being released to run off-leash during Wisconsin's July-August bear-hunt training season and right into bloody encounters with wolves.

Hounds monitored by GPS can be released in packs of up to six to chase bears from so-called 'hounders' vehicles that can end up some distance from the hounds as they run freely through the more powerful wolves' denning or pack rendezvous sites.

I have followed this sad sacrifice for years; while Wisconsin is not the only state with legacy hunting traditions, it is the only state where so-called sporting lobbies had convinced the Legislature decades ago to include reimbursements to hound owners by the DNR of up to $2,500 per hound killed or injured by wolves.

As of April 20, the state has paid out more than $845,000 to hound owners requesting reimbursement for hounds killed or injured by wolves, records show.

(The DNR program also compensates livestock and pet owners for similar losses.)

Media have noted that state reimbursements are made to hound owners who are repeat payment collectors - or scofflaws, and to owners who released their if  hounds into known wolf activity areas mapped out and posted online by the DNR.

Several of 12 hounds injured or killed this summer in recent encounters with wolves were Plott hounds, perhaps like this one, DNR records show.


These are the recent hound-wolf encounters listed by the DNR:

07/05/2020Jackson1 Hunting Dog Killed, 2 injured (8-year old female Plott/Walker killed, 7-year old male Plott/Walker injured, 8-year old male Plott/Walker injured)
7/5/20 Jackson County
Jackson Co. depredation location map [PDF]
07/20/2020Douglas1 Hunting Dog Killed (5-year old male Plott)
7/20/20 Douglas County
Douglas Co. depredation location map [PDF]
07/21/2020Bayfield1 Hunting Dog Killed (3-year old femald Black & Tan)
Bayfield County
Bayfield Co. depredation location map [PDF]
07/25/2020Iron1 Hunting Dog Killed (4-year old female Plott)
7/25/20 Iron County
Iron Co. depredation location map [PDF]
07/28/2020BayfieldDogs: 1 Hunting Dog Injured (Walker, 3-year old female)
Bayfield County
Iron Co. depredation location map [PDF]
08/01/2020BayfieldDogs: 1 Hunting Dog Killed (6-year old female Walker), 1 Hunting Dog Injured (1.5-year old female Walker)
Bayfield County
Bayfield Co. depredation location map [PDF]
08/01/2020PriceDogs: 3 Hunting Dogs Killed (3.5-year old male Walker, 3-year old female Walker, 6.5-year old Walker)

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Repealing 2011 Wisconsin ACT 169, Sec. 29.888 is what needs to happen.