Thursday, August 27, 2020

WI GOP continues shrugging off COVID death and disease

To its willful dismissal of policing reforms, criminal justice repairs, homelessness, social equities and gun violence you can add vacationing GOP Wisconsin legislators' stone-cold tolerance for COVID-19 daily-death-and-disease: 
Wisconsin sees 878 more COVID-19 cases, 11 more deaths 
Regardless, GOP State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald had called for killing Gov. Evers masked-while-indoors order, and, surprise, surprise, the same right-wing law firm which got Evers' extended 'Safer-at-Home' order overturned has gone to court in lightly-populated Polk County in Northern Wisconsin  seeking the very outcome Fitzgerald had sought.

With about 44,000 people, Polk County has roughly the same number of residents as one Milwaukee's 15 aldermanic districts.


Anonymous said...

But that Vos and Fitgearld paid these people to file lawsuit so it does not look like they are going after the Governor.

Anonymous said...

Bet not but, spell check....