Sunday, August 9, 2020

Underscoring Trump's corruptions, and his enablers here

Again let us memorialize the dead and record for posterity those who would let Trump add to the toll with another four (or more?) years.

With the November election three months away, and the Trump-enabled pandemic likely further spread nationally by some Trump-flag waving mask-free bikers in South Dakota there breaking all known pandemic-curbing protocols by the hundreds of thousands, I am again posting a documented reminder that Wisconsin is home to some key Trump enablers - including Scott Walker and Ron Johnson -

 - who overlook, excuse or propel Trump's legal-and-moral contemptuousness to protect their positions or self-perpetuating entitlements.

Not to mention their already-outsized slices of the elite-serving but now pandemic-poisoned pie:
The elite one percent of Americans control $30 trillion of assets, while the bottom half have more debt than assets. The three richest Americans have more money than the poorest 160 million of their countrymen. Fully a fifth of American households have zero or negative net worth, a figure that rises to 37 percent for black families. The median wealth of black households is a tenth that of whites. The vast majority of Americans — white, black, and brown — are two paychecks removed from bankruptcy. Though living in a nation that celebrates itself as the wealthiest in history, most Americans live on a high wire, with no safety net to brace a fall.
Here are a few recently-reported stunners which Republicans would never have tolerated from a Democratic President:

* While Trump has predicted the pandemic would disappear like magic and suggested treating it with personal infusions of cleaning products, the positive COVID-19 US caseload now exceeds 5 million, with deaths of Americans now running regularly around 1,000 daily and surpassing 162,000 in about five months - or more than 50 times the death toll from the 9/11 attacks.

Because magical thinking and home-made bleach injections do not a national medical disease-fighting strategy make.

Some comparative data highlights Trump's failures: 

New Zealand just reported no new cases for 100 days while  the US Sunday reported 965 new deaths. 

And the State of Wisconsin and the entire nation of Canada on Sunday reported six deaths each - a figure sure to rise as schools open and WI Republicans again fighting basic disease prevention for ideological gratification and personal gain.

Yes Wisconsin's population is is 5.8 million, while Canada's is 37 million+, or more than six times larger.

Where do you think the wiser oversight is being allowed to function?

And what are Trump's priorities:

* Self-aggrandizement and possible permanence.

There’s no assurance that Trump will accept the validity of the election results. He’s already described mail-in voting as a plot to steal the election. And he’s trolled critics with the tongue-in-cheek suggestion that, by popular demand, he might stay in office beyond the Constitution’s eight-year limit.
* Part-time hours, and golf:
In fact, there has been no week that Trump has been president in which his official schedule began at or before 9 a.m. on Monday and ended at or after 5 p.m. on Friday....He’s visited a Trump Organization property on 278 days as president, about twice a week on average. 159 of those days were weekends — meaning that 119 were weekdays
* Extending his war on science from infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauci to disease specialist Deborah Birx - both of whom are on the White House COVID-19 Task Force which functions as an occasional TV prop for Trump and cover for his son-in-law and COVID-19 failed-planner-in-chief Jared Kushner.

* Grifting and grabbing:
A new ad from a progressive PAC hits at President Donald Trump and his family for attempting to profit off the presidency in the middle of the deadly coronavirus pandemic that’s claimed nearly 150,000 American lives. 
The “Trump Grifts, You Die” spot from MeidasTouch shows Trump attempting to steer government business to his own properties, and it highlights the Chinese government awarding trademarks to Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and White House adviser. 
* Self-aggrandizement and possible permanence, 2.0: getting his face carved into Mt. Rushmore.
It's not possible to carve a fifth president's face into South Dakota's Mount Rushmore national memorial — there's no secure surface left, according to the National Park ServiceBut that didn't stop the Trump administration from asking. 
* Self-aggrandizement and possible permanence, 3.0; cooking up a fake Democratic campaign to help his 2020 re-election.
At least 6 Republican operatives, some tied to Trump camp, working to get Kanye West on the 2020 ballot
...GOP operatives linked to West's campaign include Lane Ruhland, a Madison, Wis.,-based attorney who has worked as legal counsel for the Republican Party of Wisconsin. Ruhland on Tuesday was reportedly seen dropping off signature filings to the state elections commission building to put West's name on the ballot, according to Wisconsin ABC affiliate WISN. 

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Senator Johnson is just an embarrassment to Wisconsin. Is it the water in the Fox Valley? First McCarthy; now Ron Johnson