Monday, August 10, 2020

RoJo's 11-page screed serves one non-WI constituent: Trump

Hey, Bucky: you're wrong if you thought Wisconsin's senior GOP senator represented 
you in these perilous economic and disease-ridden times.

And I'm not referencing Johnson's abandonment of interaction with citizens at in-person town hall meetings years before COVID-19 made online 'meetings' the standard.

Ron Johnson is using the full power of his position to serve just one Florida resident's partisan self-interest:
Senate Republican Ron Johnson of Wisconsin released an 11-page “open letter” Monday defending his ongoing investigations of Joe Biden, his son and the Obama administration, and claiming that Democrats and the media are attacking his committee's work out of an “almost maniacal devotion to ending the Trump presidency.”
It makes sense when you remember that Trump and Johnson had earlier traded key favors, being cut from the same family-businesses'/-one-percenters' fine cloth.

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