Saturday, August 29, 2020

The Milwaukee Bucks are defining leadership in the public square

We are grateful for the extended teachable moment about leadership which the Milwaukee Bucks' are providing - 
Milwaukee Bucks players put GOP pols on notice
- as they further communicate a bigger picture view of what failed leadership in the GOP-led WI Legislature looks like:
'We just need action, action, action': Milwaukee Bucks players say Wisconsin Republicans must seriously discuss police reform
"We've heard in the past that they just gavel in and gavel out without really discussing anything or trying to really make change," Bucks forward Khris Middleton told reporters Saturday about the team's decision to speak out last week.  
"On our end, we want to speak to that. We wanted to make sure that they listen to us and they really talk about this police reform bill that needs to be passed through the Senate," he said.
Again, the state and whole world are watching both the maneuvering of GOP Senate Majority Leader Scott (Quick-Gavel & No-Mask) Fitzgerald 
A recent photo of WI GOP Sen. Majority Leader, Trump devotee and immovable opponent of progressive WI  legislation Scott Fitzgerald. He said late last week that the State Senate will not take up any of Gov. Evers justice and policing reform bills next week.
and the emergence of a powerful political force with the Milwaukee Bucks in the lead: 
The NBA Is the Opposition Party
...the NBA, led by the Milwaukee Bucks and with LeBron James quickly joining in, went on strike. The players were walking out of their carefully rescheduled pandemic bubble playoff games to protest Kenosha, and to protest the months and years of police brutality and impunity that had led up to Kenosha, but their message was something even larger: This can’t go on. This won’t go on. We won’t go on with it. 

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