Friday, August 21, 2020

When travel becomes practical, Dems should pay Milwaukee a visit

It's brutally ironic that Wisconsin and Milwaukee had to lose the traditional DNC in order for convention planners to brilliantly create a triumphant national online convention featuring everyday people showing and telling politically-transformational stories which memorably and effectively launched the Biden-Harris ticket. 

The removal of Trump and his collection of thieves and flunkies will be Wisconsin, Milwaukee and America's reward. 

So while it's too early to know if the pre-2020 nominating convention model remains viable, or desirable, let alone whether Milwaukee would be the DNC's host city in 2024, I'd make this argument now:

If, and/or when economic stability returns, Democrats of good will should put Milwaukee on their vacation and road trip agendas, show up and tell people and businesses here, 'Sorry we missed you in 2020, but we're here now, so show us what you've got.'

NorthPoint Light Station in Lake Park, Milwaukee.


Minnesconsin Tom said...

Joe Biden must come to Milwaukee sometime in the next two months. Even once. Just once. You can’t tell me there’s no way we can organize a proper, socially distanced, masks-mandatory campaign rally, ideally outdoors on a crisp fall day. If by chance it rains, bring an umbrella.

I do agree with Republicans on this one point: there is no substitute for in-person appearances—they just have to be done intelligently. Biden has to show up in each battleground state once. Just once.

By the way, OUTSTANDING acceptance speech last night, Joe. Loved the fireworks, too!

James Rowen said...

Totally agree about Biden visiting. And the convention closed on super effective notes.

Katrina said...

If anyone knows crowd control it's the people who put on Packer games. Come visit Joe. We'll stay away from ya.