Tuesday, August 11, 2020

WI GOP 'leaders' and their 'Not from the Onion' words

I've got more time to read these days now that we're not getting mail everyday - and we're not the only ones - so a lot more of what I'm seeing is straight out of The Onion.

For example, someone sent me a story which quoted a man saying it was "very good news" that talks among senior US government officials to help stave off more evictions, bankruptcies, hopelessness and hunger continued to stall. 

In fact, the man was so happy about the impasse that he said it twice.
"From my standpoint, the breakdown in the talks is very good news. It's very good news for future generations....I hope the talks remain broken down."
And then I remember that the extremely-privileged person already with an Onionesquely ghoulish headline on his resume - 
GOP senator says only small percentage of population might die of coronavirus
- spoiler and 'perspective' alert: 3.4% equals 11 million dead Americans.

(Quick sidebar: We're working on that number, sir.) 

And had asaid people didn't have a right to housing, food and health care because those were "privileges.'

OK, enough drama - yes, we're talking about Wisconsin's senior GOP United States Senator Ron Johnson:
Ron Johnson on stimulus negotiations: 'I hope the talks remain broken down'
Aid breakdown as people lose jobs, businesses and health care: Yay!
This is the very-well-off two-term incumbent Senator who in February sold his stake in the privately-owned business he had married into for between $5-$25 million dollars.

And who flies for free between Wisconsin and DC because, as a US Senator (now principally representing a close Floridian ally), Johnson gets that valuable perk - and a guaranteed monthly check from the taxpayers of more than $14,000 a month not reduced by a penny during mass COVID-19-caused impoverishment in the US - and the world - as he has for nearly ten straight years. 

* Speaking of things 'that can't be true' - I got an email that said Scott Walker was an invited speaker at a media event during the upcoming Democratic National Convention. 

August 18: Pocan, Walker headline WisPolitics.com virtual event during Democratic National Convention 

WHAT: WisPolitics.com marks the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee with a virtual event: 'Winning Wisconsin: How the 2020 presidential race in the Badger State unfolds amid a pandemic and recession.'
WHO: Congressional progressive caucus co-chair and U.S.Rep. Mark Pocan, D-Wis. (2nd CD); former presidential candidate and GOP Gov. Scott Walker; Betsy Ankney, political director of the NationalRepublican Senatorial Committee and campaign manager for Sen. Ron Johnson's re-election effort; and Tanya Bjork, Biden campaign senior strategist and veteran Dem consultant (invited).
WHEN: Tuesday, Aug. 18, noon to 1 p.m. Central Time.
Then I realized that this makes for a chance for Walker to be asked about his rigorous observation that Joe Biden is a "wannabe socialist." 

Or to be asked about how his two tweets on August 6th alleging that Biden has embraced a "socialist agenda."

Will anybody participating in the event have the curiosity to ask Walker to elucidate on socialism, since he:

* Used state power to pick marketplace winners by shoveling gobs of public money to a politically-connected business, other firms run by boosters and firms  which had moved jobs to other countries;

* Helped deliver millions in state funds to an airplane manufacturer in Superior which never built a single plane there;

* Stage-managed the disbursal of large public sums and future government obligations to well-heeled multi-national corporations like Foxconn and Kimberly-Clark;

* Was on public payrolls for 26 straight years until leaving the Governor's office 19 months ago,

I should probably stick to The Onion because it's much funnier, even when it's painful:

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