Monday, August 3, 2020

Shall we apply Fitz's 'comply if you want to' mask behavior across the board?

[6:52 a.m. 8/4/2020 update: I have removed an image of a crowded beach gathering in Winnebago County from this post because the authenticity of the photo's date has not been verified.] 

WI GOP Senate Majority Leader, BWVF (Best Wisconsin Virus Friend) and 'comply if you want to' lawmaker [sic] Scott Fitzgerald 

has a novel approach to wearing life-saving masks during a pandemic:
GOP leader wants Wisconsin Senate to strike down mask order
"People are complying if they want to." 
Because isn't that how civil society really works?

Kind of a variation on that out-dated dictum about not having the right to yell "fire" in a crowded theater. The Fitzgerald way would be "go ahead if you want to." 

Since it's all about you, isn't it? 

Here's a video of some Wisconsin people this weekend following the Fitzgerald method of virus prevention.

And while we're at it, why not apply the Fitzgerald 'principle' to smoking indoors, driving while intoxicated, dumping your garbage in the street, paying at the cash register, beating the kids, stealing from your grandparents, kicking the dog or picking up Fido's poop?

You do remember Fitzgerald is running in a Congressional district he helped to such GOP-gerrymandered advantagehat a year-old serving of sushi left under the car seat could get elected there if it ran as a Republican roll?


Anonymous said...

Speeding, comply if you want to. Drunk driving, comply if you want to. Shooting a rifle into someone's house, comply if you want to. If a school district didn't want to follow Act 10, no choice.
How do we keep this moron from becoming another one of our idiot US Congressmen?
I can tell you this, right now our county is busier than ever with visitors trying to be where the COVID isn't, but a lot of older locals are not able to go out anywhere in public because too many selfish fools are never wearing masks. What will this do for the economy in the long run? The idiot Fitz can't see beyond the next election, nor does he care.

Anonymous said...


What a great label. He sure as hell deserves it, and then some.