Friday, August 21, 2020

Senator Monkey-Wrencher defends like-minded President's Postal Service saboteur

Hearing Ron Johnson stick up for Trump's ultra-loyal and personally-conflicted Postmaster General who was caught yanking vital, specialized mail sorting machines during an election-season pandemic fits entirely with a 'Senator' 

who had already excused Trump's Ukranian government shakedown and helped keep Trump in office for additional democracy-threatening misbehavior.

By the time Johnson's term ends in 2022 he will have easily won and retired the usually coveted-by-nobody "Joe McCarthy Wasn't This Bad Worst Wisconsin Politician Lifetime Low-Achievements Award."


Roger D. Bybee said...

Ron Johnson shows that there is no depth to which he will not sink. Joe McCarthy had just one specialty, as profoundly destructive as he was.

But Ron Johnson shows again and again to take the side of cruelty, greed, and deception in every arena where has influence in the Senate.

Major media in the state fail to expose what an embarrassment of Wisconsin he represents to the nation.

BTW, he hasn't responded to my two complaints about fast-deteriorating mail service.

Anonymous said...

Johnson is the core of rotten ton the core Republican Wisconsin.