Friday, August 7, 2020

WI GOP 'leader' smooches Trump, costs state taxpayers $4 million

The WI GOP State Senate Majority 'Leader' fears that sticking up for the taxpayers who pay for his salary and perks might cost him a favorable Trump tweet. 

This is the cost of cultish loyalty - in a political party whose fake claims to fiscal stewardship and the interests of the 'the hard-working taxpayer' regularly involved in ads and donor appeals - now even more fully unmasked

and out in the open.
Scott Fitzgerald stays quiet as another top Republican seeks federal help to cover COVID-19 testing costs
The change in funding will mean Wisconsin will have to pay about $4 million through the end of the year, according to Democratic Gov. Tony Evers.
And remember that when Fitzgerald wins the primary Tuesday for the Congressional seat that Jim Sensenbrenner is vacating, and which Fitzgerald helped gerrymander into a right-wing Republican gimme, the money-flushing Firtgerald will more than triple his current taxpayer-provided salary to $174,000.

Because, you know, right-wing Republicans hate big government, loathe Washington, DC and are repelled by career politicians who are always on the lookout for a better seat at the freebie buffet.

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