Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Do GOP pols really want more ownership of COVID-19 death and disease?

I'm not a betting person, but I'm sure that despite the bluster, some WI GOP legislators are thinking long and hard about whether they really want to follow their leaders and strike down with a mere joint resolution Gov. Evers indoors-only mask order in the face of still-expanding COVID-19 case loads.

Right in the face of not-controversial science that says mask-wearing during the pandemic is a proven lifesaver:

All for a few election-year headlines aimed at their reliable-rabidly loyal base?
Widespread Use Of Face Masks Could Save Tens Of Thousands Of Lives, Models Project 
Do GOP State Senators like Luther Olson and Robert Cowles, and even some of the more regularly-reflexive right-wing GOP legislators really want to explain to constituents, friends and families why they ended up in Wisconsin-based stories and headlines like this, especially as schools are close to reopening? 
Texas wife blames Trump and Gov. Abbott for husband's COVID-19 death in viral obituary
Because that is likely to happen if the Wisconsin GOP follows its leaders' off-the-cuff indifference and threats

and through intentional carelessness gives the pandemic still raging yet another dangerous, partisan push forward.

Last time, right-wing, power-grabbing GOP legislators successfully went to the State Supreme Court for cover when axing Evers' 'Safer-at-Home extension, but this time the right again may not have, nor trust fallen right-wing star Justice Brian Hagedorn - formerly legal counsel to a governor (Walker) - who could line up in a 4-3 new-Justice Karofsly-aided sanity majority.

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Anonymous said...

It's a time of decision. Do they MAGAt to their deathlike Herb Cain?

Or not.

It takes a real spine to jump off the tRUMP train after they have diddled and fiddled and 200,000 Americans have died with Jared the Failed running their sh*tshow of a non response.

Almost forgot, they better pass some real legislation before tens of millions of American men women and children start going hungry are homeless due to eviction.