Sunday, August 23, 2020

Attention, WI GOP: Science ('ugh!') shows mask-wearing boosts economy

Allegedly-conservative Republicans purport to regularly do what helps the economy (har!), yet have re-opened it in Wisconsin and other states which they control without embracing common-sense health-and-fiscal measures to rein in an historic viral pandemic.

Fresh, easy-to-understand calculations show the long-range benefits and daily per-person dollar support for the economy created by individuals' mask-wearing - 

Calculations from Goldman Sachs, a bank, suggest that a 15 percentage-point rise in the share of the population that wears masks would reduce the daily growth of cases by about one percentage point. That obviates the need for lockdown measures that would otherwise subtract nearly 5% from gdpThe Economist took those calculations a step further. 
According to our reckoning, an American wearing a mask for a day is helping prevent a fall in gdp of $56.14. Not bad for something that you can buy for about 50 cents apiece.
- yet Scott Fitzgerald and others on the right are content with throwing that money away as the costly-positive-COVID-19 case load in Wisconsin has surpassed 70,000, plus the incalculable losses to families, businesses and communities from more than 1,000 dead Wisconsinites.
WI GOP Senate Majority Leader, BWVF (Best Wisconsin Virus Friend) and 'comply if you want to' lawmaker [sic] Scott Fitzgerald 
has a novel approach to wearing life-saving masks during a pandemic:
GOP leader wants Wisconsin Senate to strike down mask order
"People are complying if they want to."  
In fact, Wisconsin's GOP Senior Senator and accounting whiz Ron Johnson could grasp those monetary calculations, given his other COVID-19-related money and numbers' expertise:
And then I remember that the extremely-privileged [Johnson] already with an Onionesquely ghoulish headline on his resume - 
GOP senator says only small percentage of population might die of coronavirus
- spoiler and 'perspective' alert: 3.4% equals 11 million dead Americans.
(Quick sidebar: We're working on that number, sir.) 
And had said people didn't have a right to housing, food and health care because those were "privileges.'
OK, enough drama - yes, we're talking about Wisconsin's senior GOP United States Senator Ron Johnson:
Ron Johnson on stimulus negotiations: 'I hope the talks remain broken down'

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