Tuesday, October 15, 2019

I am waiting for a Democratic presidential candidate to do this

Swat away a question from the brain cell-killing panelists, and say, "If you're not going to ask us about climate change, I will. Here's what I think about it, and I urge all the other candidates to do the same thing."
Flooding during historic rains in Dane County in 2018 caused millions of dollars in damage and drowned one city resident.
That candidate can devote the closing statement time to summarize what needs to be done.

And jump 10% in the polls.

What are you people waiting for?

Just because Jay Inslee dropped out didn't mean the issues went away with him.

Without a focus on climate change, these debates are becoming increasingly irrelevant.
CNN and the New York Times skip climate change in the fourth Democratic debate


Anonymous said...

Could you do a post on possible corruption in EPA approval of a Minnesota mine recently? The EPA district in question is run by Wisconsin's own Cathy Stepp.

James Rowen said...

I have posted twice about that. Here is one. I will separately add the other. Thanks for asking. https://thepoliticalenvironment.blogspot.com/2019/07/walkers-ex-dnr-officials-now-at-trumps.html

James Rowen said...

The MN Mine is also discussed, here. https://thepoliticalenvironment.blogspot.com/2019/08/environmental-regulators-sicsick-caught.html