Tuesday, October 22, 2019

GOP legislative mediums see no need for gun safety measures

Add the Ouija Board to foam cheeseheads and Lambeau Field to what gives Wisconsin its identity.
Original ouija board.jpg
Said to be the original Ouija Board, circa 1894; something like it may still be running the Wisconsin Legislature in 2019

Which is why apprentice mediums and skilled anthropologists alike will be flocking to the Badger State after two Wisconsin seers - - both are legislators; one is a politically-ambitious Wisconsin horse breeder and the other multi-tasks as a prominent college town landlord and popcorn maker - - seem to know there won't be any more sketchy firearm sales or unhinged gun owners perpetrating mass shootings or domestic violence in Wisconsin.
Fitzgerald says Senate will quickly end gun special session 
The Republican leader of the Wisconsin state Senate said Tuesday he plans to convene and then immediately adjourn a special session Democratic Gov. Tony Evers called on a pair of gun control measures, without debating or voting on the proposals.
Wisc Sen. Scott Fitzgerald.jpg

Don't get the impression that the GOP legislative leaders nixed the special session because they only like legislating during the regular session calendars.

If they see a power grab opportunity then go for it in special session, straight through the night.


Anonymous said...

In Fitzwalkerstan, you can cut off the head but the snake still slithers.

Anonymous said...

One might say he is anxious to campaign for the open Congressional seat. After all, according to the Marquette Law School poll, no one knows who he is.