Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Ron Johnson, further hysteria and hyperbole alert

I thought RoJo had set an insurmountable bar with this nuttiness about Obamacare: 
Ron Johnson won his Senate seat in 2010 on an anti-Obamacare campaign, railing against the law as “the greatest assault on our freedoms in my lifetime.”
Not to mention other indefensible statements and actions.

But then RoJo turned himself into a scatter-brained, Trump-defending Rudy Giuliani clown/clone on Meet The Press last Sunday - - 

- - and later went on right-wing radio, quoted here, to declare that "the greatest threat to our democracy right now is this effort to sabotage a new President." 

(Simple fact-checking would reveal GOP Senate leader McConnell, a Johnson colleague, had vowed to use state power to make President Obama a one-term President, which Johnson surely has forgotten.)


Northwoods Paul said...

Sen. Ron Johnson embarrassed himself and Wisconsin on Meet-The-Press with his horrible diatribe on the FBI, CIA and various nonsensical comments on government agencies.

MadCityVoter said...

I almost feel sorry for the scum-sucking self-dealing hypocrite. I'm sure he's been getting plenty of blow back for admitting to the Wall Street Journal that a US diplomat (EU Amb. Sondland, it turns out) told him in August that military aid to Ukraine was being held up "contingent on an investigation desired by Mr. Trump and his allies" (to quote the WSJ). I don't believe that any number of insane Sunday morning rants on national TV will put that cat back in the bag.

At least he can console himself with that great tax cut he made sure to get into Trump's great big Rich People Pay Even Less In Taxes Forever! bill when he is sent back to Oshkosh to cheat more prisoners on work-release and wait for one of his daughters or grandkids to take over the family money mill.