Friday, October 11, 2019

More manure in WI waters

The WI DNR has documented another rural manure runoff across land and into nearby surface water. 

The runoff was in Marathon County northeast of Colby and "has flowed overland to Elm Creek," the agency said.

That location, in central Wisconsin, is far from hard-hit Kewaunee County to the east 

One of Kewaunee County's many manure flows off the large cattle feeding operations concentrated there

which suffered another overflow in September, and is distant from communities in the Southwestern Wisconsin where an August study disclosed shockingly extensive drinking water contamination:
Study: Private wells in rural southwest Wisconsin are 91% polluted
Add to that reporting a report this week by Michigan-based based writer Gary Wilson: 
In the last five years there have been 450 “manure spills” in Wisconsin ranging from a negligible quantity to 1,900,000 gallons in October 2016 when heavy rain forced runoff into a creek, according to data provided by the Department of Natural Resources.
The agency confirmed that there have been spills to Lake Michigan and its tributaries but did not provide details.
In a late September meeting, Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board ordered an expansion of a rule-making public comment process on manure spills being conducted by the Department of Natural Resources. 

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