Thursday, October 10, 2019

Buying 'Trump being Trump' means owning 'Rudy being Rudy,' too

We remember that Ron Johnson 
Johnson excitedly stood with Trump on Meet the Press Sunday
defended to media the Ukrainian shakedown Trump directed from the Oval Office by saying it was just "Trump being Trump."

But given the direction the story took Thursday - - 
2 Giuliani Associates Tied to Ukraine Scandal Arrested on Campaign Finance Charges
- - and 

- - you wonder if RoJo understood or cared that defending Trump also meant standing up for Rudy being Rudy? 


Jake formerly of the LP said...

Sure he does. Johnson owes his re-election to Russian/NRA money-laundering in 2016. Why wouldn't he want to protect a similar scheme with Rudy and the other crooks?

Jim Limbach said...

I rarely make fun of the intellectually impaired but, Ron Johnson .... Really??? Did he think before his statement casting doubt on our fake president's actions in the Ukraine and then try to walk back the blunder. This is hardly the 1st time he revealed his ignorance of party line. I'm remembering in his first weeks in the Senate criticizing, and correctly so, privatization after reading an expose by Project on Government Oversight.