Thursday, October 31, 2019

Waukesha's Lake MI diversion creates fresh opposition - in New Berlin

[Updated from 10/31 with this separate story]:
New Berlin leaders oppose facility planned for Waukesha to tap Lake Michigan water

[Further updated with hearing set for Monday, Nov. 4th, at New Berlin City Hall.
Regional cooperation? Haven't heard much about that lately to our west, and there's fresh evidence that proximity does not neighborliness make.

It seems that the City of Waukesha's endlessly-controversial-and-oft-delayed plan for a Lake Michigan diversion 
On the shoreline 

and wastewater return via the Root River to Racine's harbor 'Waukesha's toilet' has created new grassroots opponents - - in New Berlin.

Residents there unhappily discovered that a park in their city is where Waukesha intends to build a water pumping station.  Nine acres would be taken for the facility, the Journal Sentinel reports:

The site was actually chosen by Waukesha County, which owns Minooka Park and ultimately approved the city's pumping station plan there, as did the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. 
But New Berlin residents living along the project area have argued that the city and county made a bad choice, both from their perspective as residents and in not choosing an alternative location on land Waukesha already owns.
The story is currently behind the Journal Sentinel's paywall. I believe that wall protecting the story comes down in a day or so.

This latest turn of events reminds me of the way the DNR helped bully the Town of Waukesha into falling into line with the City of Waukesha's plan:
The DNR gives the Town 30 days to decide if it is in or out of the City of Waukesha's Lake Michigan diversion plan under the rules of the Great Lakes Compact. 
 As part of a years-long City of Waukesha-first regional narrative:  
A key component of the City of Waukesha's draft Lake Michigan diversion application - - the map for where the water could be distributed had included the Town of Waukesha - - which was not consulted about the map.
And more about that map, here. And here.


Anonymous said...

About that map. Republicans passed a bill that allowed the SEWRPC map to stay for sewer and the water service area map by the Great Lakes Compact Council to apply to areas approved for a diversion exception.

Maynard McKillen said...

Ah, the arrogance and sense of entitlement of Republican officials, on full display...

Anonymous said...

Every time I read this story, I start laughing all over again. So funny that New Berlin residents are complaining that locating those pumps in their park would ruin their quality of life.

Quality of life in New Berlin?? That's gotta be a joke. New Berlin is ground zero for Rethuglican Wingnutz in SE Wisconsin. My dream would be that not only would the pumps for Waukesha's water project be located in New Berlin, but all the wastewater that Waukesha generates would be dumped in New Berlin as well.

It would be fitting that New Berlin would become Waukesha's "toilet" in real life, since that is also the case in terms of political demographics as well.